About me

This Journey started when I was 6 and I started my Imaginations 2 Creation channel and did Knitting videos. Quarantine gave me an opportunity to slow down and think about what I wanted to accomplish in my free time. I was looking into ways for combining my passion for creative arts and teaching others. I decided on focusing on creating a bigger impact and reaching far more people than making money with a select few. To achieve this goal, I have to build a huge userbase and then make the sessions and content interesting to sustain their interest and to keep them coming back. My goal is to connect to a large group of an audience than a few and I even had to put on hold requests for private sessions. The larger the audience the more impact I have inspired a lot of people to find their passion and hone on it. This gives me a lot of satisfaction with my hard work.

This is me

To connect to kids and cater to different interest levels I started working on doing sessions on Realistic Art, Finger Knitting, Arm Knitting, Origami, Story Time, Oil Pastels, Painting, hair Styling, and Motivational Speeches. I am blessed with some of these talents but definitely, my passion and hard work are what made me today. Sometimes I have to practice 2 or 3 times and spend hours before the Live session to make it easier for others. My sessions got so successful early on and far-reaching. I have 100+ people registered for my Storytime. I started seeing the same people joining all my different sessions which increased my confidence that I am inspiring them which made me work even harder to keep my sessions more interesting and engaging. Seeing my sessions, admins from different Homeschooling groups and private Facebook groups reached out to me and I did private sessions for their members which ranged from 600 to 3200 members. I even started doing private zoom parties for people on their special occasions like their birthdays to teach them art sessions to make it more special.

I started doing Storytimes for younger kids and after the story, we talk about the Moral and what we can take away from the story and apply it in our lives. Then we do a fun interactive session of drawing characters from the story. This experience and all my sessions helped me grow and improve my communication skills, develop patience when dealing with other people, and understand different perspectives. Facebook live sessions pose additional challenges like there is no-redo we need to be perfect the first time and you need to balance all levels of the skilled audience where sometimes few people wants me to slow down and others wants me to move fast. I developed skills to keep them engaged and balanced and remind them always that any creative learning takes patience and they need to be patient with each other and respect them and not to be mean to each other in comments.

This experience has shown me that we always need to follow our passion, Dream Big, and work really hard to make it a reality and Everything is possible in this world.